Premier Pitching Instructors

Premier Pitching Performance offers professional-caliber pitching and performance instructors, training, technology and development solutions for baseball players and baseball coaches at every level.

Details matter. The Premier Pitching Assessment process combines state-of-the-art technology with unwavering customer service to provide an experience that is both educational and personal. This is the foundation that Premier Pitching was built upon.

The Premier Pitching Team operates as a trusted partner, consultant, and training resource for many top athletes, coaches, and respected organizations within professional and amateur baseball.

Our Training & Coaching Team

Josh Kesel, Co-Founder & Performance Director

Josh Kesel is co-founder and Performance Director of Premier Pitching and Performance. Josh has helped shape Premier Pitching into one of the most successful and trusted destinations for pitchers in the country. Since Premier Pitching opened in 2014, Josh has worked with players from every MLB organization including over 100 MiLB and MLB athletes. He has also worked with hundreds of athletes from over 100 colleges and universities. In 2019, he helped orchestrate the creation of the Premier Pitching Collegiate Partnership Program which includes UNC-Charlotte, Missouri State and Notre Dame. When not at Premier Pitching, Josh loves hanging out with his 3 children.


Ryan Helms, Youth Program Director

Ryan serves as the Youth Program Director for Premier Pitching. With over 15 years of experience as a strength and conditioning specialist, Ryan has the privilege of training and teaching our youth baseball players the foundations of performance training and how to be better athletes. Ryan pitched at both Oakland University and Indiana Wesleyan University.

Ryan holds a master’s degree in Human Movement and Sports Conditioning, and a bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Wellness. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Cody Fick, Director of Pitching

Cody serves as the Director of Pitching and Business Manager for Premier Pitching. Following a 6-year coaching stint at the University of Evansville, Cody joined the Premier Pitching team in the summer of 2018.

He has the privilege of aiding athletes of all ages to execute their individualized plans for development while also helping guide various Premier Pitching business initiatives.
Cody played collegiately at Jefferson College and the University of Evansville where he received a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.

Our Technology

Rapsodo + Rapsodo Insight

As an official partner with Rapsodo, Premier Pitching utilizes multiple Rapsodo Pitching 2.0 units at HQ to help with many facets of throwing training. Rapsodo analyzes and provides feedback on things such as spin rate, spin efficiency, strike zone analysis and pitch break among many other data points, and helps especially guide our staff from a pitch design standpoint.
– Rapsodo Insight is an important tool utilized in Premier Pitching’s pitch design process. It is a high speed camera, capable of capturing at 860 FPS, that pairs Rapsodo pitch metrics with high speed speed video of ball release. This allows for an even further evaluation of a pitcher’s arsenal, and allows players and coaches to take an even more in depth look during the pitch design process.


The newest and easily the most important technological addition to Premier Pitching is the Simi 3D Biomechanical motion capture system. This is a markerless system that features 8 cameras that have been strategically placed around our facility to record 8 different vantage points of a pitcher throwing off of the mound. Simi has partnered with the PGA, the NBA and multiple teams from the MLB to have this exact system installed inside of their stadiums to capture the exact data that we will be using. The system offers a biomechanical assessment that is captured and placed in the player’s profile and is continuously updated each time a player throws on it. It is giving feedback on points such as joint angular velocity, active range of motion measurements throughout the entire movement and joint positioning.

Marc pro

Premier Pitching uses Marc Pro Plus units to help incorporate recovery through electrical muscle stimulation. Marc Pro has been shown to increase vascularity and improve recovery through regular use, and is something that we use to enhance the recovery process of our athletes, in particular during the season. Marc Pro is an FDA approved device and is something that we walk each and every player through before their first use.


NormaTec is another recovery modality that enhances our athletes recovery time as they put in significant work. This is a compression based system that enhances blood flow using the patented system that NormaTec incorporates. There are attachments for the legs, hips and arms and we utilize all three at Premier Pitching.


The Sony RX 10 IV is a 1000 fps capable camera that we utilize to capture slow motion video of in many areas of our training process. Utilizing this product, Premier Pitching is able to have periodic check ins on movement quality on both sides of the training floor. The quality of video is sharp enough and slow enough to show movement and mechanics during pitching training or strength training for our athletes.

Stalker Radar Guns
& LED Boards

Over the years, we have found that Stalker is the most consistent and reliable radar gun to measure velocity. It is consistently used at the collegiate and professional level as the standard of velocity measurement. We also believe that our staff should be able to see the velocity of any throw that is made at Premier Pitching to help with injury prevention and to optimize performance, so we have multiple radar guns set up throughout the facility to capture off the mound and drill work velocities that post on LED read out boards.

Our Journey

August 2014
Premier Pitching opens, High School, College, and Professional Programs established.

September 2018
Premier Pitching HQ (Current Facility) opens

July 2019
Simi Biomechanics Lab and Pitching Lab opens