Regardless of your location, we provide a high-level, personalized training program based off of a nationally recognized assessment process, for you to execute at your own gym or at your own practices. Remote training features the same high quality assessment process that helps identify target areas for development with tools that previously were only available to the pitchers at the highest level of the game.

We have a staff entirely dedicated to your remote experience so you don’t come second to the athletes who train at our facility, like most other remote programs. We use platforms that allow us to optimize the virtual experience you’re faced with as a remote athlete and direct lines of communication to coaches with experience at the highest levels of our game.


Premier Pitching Remote Training: How It Works

Pitchers enter our remote training program with all the information they need to get started. We supply general information about the program, as well as guides on all relevant equipment and technology.

Through us, your assessment process will provide a comprehensive approach to target all areas of needed development (Mobility, Mechanics, Strength & Conditioning). After the assessment is complete, you get one-on-one time with a remote trainer to go over processes, discuss goals, and schedule a time to discuss the details of your personalized training program we create based off of your assessment data. You receive reference material related only to the throwing drills and weight room exercises relevant to your custom program.

During the course of the Remote Training Experience, pitchers and trainers meet regularly to answer questions, analyze video, gauge program execution, track results, and provide any additional information or coaching the pitcher needs. We help players identify deficiencies, build programs, manage workloads, develop their arsenal, navigate the development process and minimize the risk of injury.

We empower our athletes to reach out to their remote trainers with questions or information whenever they need it.

Added benefits of the program include guidance on recruiting, nutrition, mental performance and access to educational content to expedite your development. 

Pricing does not include assessment cost.

For Pitching:

3 month Full Programming : $702.00 ($234/month)

6 month Full Programming: $1272.00 ($212/month)

12 month Full Programming $1,908.00 ($159/month)

For Strength and Conditioning:

3 month Performance (S&C Only): $349.80 ($116.60/month)

6 month Performance (S&C Only): $636.00 ($106/month)

12 month Performance (S&C Only) : $954.00 ($79.50/month)

**Full programming = Throwing & Performance **